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Presenting: Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3
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As you may or may not know, Epic’s Gears of War 3, the final in a trilogy, is coming out in mere days. I’m a big fan of the Gears of War series, Epic Games and NECA Toys, so another photo project was in order.

My last gaming toy piece was also based on a game by Epic and a figure from NECA. That was my Presenting: Bulletstorm piece.

This time, I wanted to portray an image a bit more somber, something that fit the dark mood of Gears 3’s promotional stylings. Once I got Marcus and the dead Locust set up, I took several photos with different angles and lighting configurations.

Lighting Comps

After I found my favorite angle & lighting, I took the photos into Photoshop, and then, some extensive editing and color correcting later, the piece was finished!

I’ll be getting some prints made to send over to Epic and NECA along with prints of my Bulletstorm piece. I think everyone will enjoy seeing them!

Thanks for taking a look, hopefully I’ll have some more stuff like this up soon.

Edit: I added a wallpaper resolution version for download.

Presenting: Bulletstorm

One of my favorite things to take photos of are my various action figures and collectibles. I’ve taken and uploaded plenty before, and it’s something I intend to keep doing. Most of the photos I’ve taken so far have been “portraits” or non-action shots. Action shots are something I’ve wanted to try, but haven’t really figured out quite yet.

This brings me to today, with my new piece. Using NECA’s awesome Grayson Hunt figure as a base, along with a couple of bases from misc. figures (can you name them?), I’ve created my first action shot. The process was pretty deep, it required several steps of work to get the final piece.

My first step was getting my pose chosen and then shooting the actual photo. I decided to use my 27” monitor as a background by displaying a screenshot from the game on it. By photographing in front of this, I’d have a dynamic and inclusive background for my piece. I took two shots, one with the figure in the foreground & focused, and the other with the screen in focus. 

Step 1    

From there, I took the photos into Adobe Lightroom for editing, and then into Photoshop for all my compositing/post processing. This included removing things like the base the figures were on, the exterior of the monitor, etc. I then recreated missing pieces of the ground and sky, and made them seamless with the image. Up next was creating Grayson’s leash and its effects on Grayson himself & the environment. Rounding the process out was adding all the environmental effects like bullet whizzes & impacts, dust, sparks and more.


One of the cool things about this is the resolution; the final piece is large enough to print on a full sized poster. In fact, I might try to get a few printed to send to NECA, Epic, People Can Fly and a couple other places. I really want to share this with everyone responsible for the game and figure…I think they’d enjoy a print as well! 

It’s a stretch, but if anyone else out there would like a print, let me know. I’ll make them to order if so!

This was a really fun process and I look forward to making more. I hope you enjoy it too!

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