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Presenting: Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3
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As you may or may not know, Epic’s Gears of War 3, the final in a trilogy, is coming out in mere days. I’m a big fan of the Gears of War series, Epic Games and NECA Toys, so another photo project was in order.

My last gaming toy piece was also based on a game by Epic and a figure from NECA. That was my Presenting: Bulletstorm piece.

This time, I wanted to portray an image a bit more somber, something that fit the dark mood of Gears 3’s promotional stylings. Once I got Marcus and the dead Locust set up, I took several photos with different angles and lighting configurations.

Lighting Comps

After I found my favorite angle & lighting, I took the photos into Photoshop, and then, some extensive editing and color correcting later, the piece was finished!

I’ll be getting some prints made to send over to Epic and NECA along with prints of my Bulletstorm piece. I think everyone will enjoy seeing them!

Thanks for taking a look, hopefully I’ll have some more stuff like this up soon.

Edit: I added a wallpaper resolution version for download.