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I Love Amazon…

Every time I’ve ever had an interaction with Amazon’s customer support, about anything, they’ve excelled at making me feel like a customer they respect and appreciate. They take steps they don’t need to, and they strive to make things right…every time. There really isn’t more you can ask for from a company. I will happily continue my Prime subscription until I die!

Now only if Amazon would start a shipping service…

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In Response To Brink…

I’m afraid this “zero hour” patch Splash Damage implemented hasn’t fixed any of the problems in the 360 version of the game. Even though I ripped the disc to the hard drive, the game still takes several seconds to load textures in at all times. If I make a 90 degree turn and then turn back, all textures had disappeared and needs to take another 10 seconds to load. This happens at a consistent pace.

The game is still heavily aliased and blurry. Buildings & characters in the distance are so blurry and jaggy that it (no exaggeration) looks like an original Xbox title. The skybox and textures in the entire game are so heavily artifacted and suffer from so much banding it looks like it wasn’t put through QC at all. The quality of the art design is so high, and the character models in the menus look great- why does it render down to an Xbox quality display once I’m in-engine? It really looks like something is wrong, like something is seriously broken. This game does not display or run like a game on a modern console is intended to.

To be quite honest, the game looks, runs and feels like it’s playing below 480p and getting up-res’d to 720p on my television. Everything is just so low quality it’s hard to believe anyone even looked or playtested the 360 version prior to launch.

And these are just the graphical issues, which admittedly, are the tip of the iceberg. Myself and five of my friends were unable to play online at any point last night due to extreme lag. And I’m not talking about small lag, I’m talking “I can’t even move forward without getting rubber banded 20ft in every direction” lag. For a multiplayer game, this is an unprecedented cockup, and once again, looks like it was never even playtested.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, I’m a big fan of Bethesda and have enjoyed Splash Damage’s previous titles, but the heinous condition of Brink on the Xbox 360 is something you should be ashamed of. I’d love any of the SD/Bethesda team to see how this game runs for us, in our home conditions, and honestly confess that they’re proud of their work.

I just wish there was a way to know if any of these is something that can be fixed, or if this is the “official” product and it’s running as intended. If that’s the case…well, it’s just really sad.